Sunday Funday

Justin and I are at work today, trying to get caught up on some documentation that’s due next week. Though it’s a bit odd being in the office with no one else around, we’ve been remarkably productive this weekend.

Taking a short break, and doing a quick blog post. I’m guessing you’re up to something much more fun than this, on your Sunday. Care to share what you’re up to? Think of this as you helping to keep us entertained a bit, while we’re slugging away at creating specification docs.

Also, if you want to make me laugh… you can send me an email. The work that Chris and Ben did, when they customized my Outlook email, is still intact. So if you want to force me to hear the words “Ding-Dongs” over and over again… you can do so.

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  1. Sunday in the office, what what! I have nothing of interest to say in terms if what I’m doing – I can tell you that it involves some degree of milk, pee, or barf. Hugs to you guys though. I miss yous!

    Allison Reply

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