Me and Chip and Dale

I haven’t had the chance to go back over a lot of my photos from our trip to Florida, but thought I’d share this one.

While we were at Epcot, the group we were with kind of splintered off into different directions. At a random point in the late morning, I suddenly found that I was on my own. I waited around a bit, then decided I was going to kill time by going to get my picture taken with Chip and Dale (who were at a nearby area, taking photos with visitors).

As I was in line, I realized I was the only person who wasn’t with a family. The longer I waited, the more weird and uncomfortable it felt. I think most of the kids were oblivious, but in my paranoia I think I noticed a few parents glancing my way. The guy in front of is looked back at me once or twice, and each time he did I tried to give him a friendly smile to show I wasn’t some kind of weirdo. In hindsight… that smile might have made him even more wary of me.

While I was waiting, I decided to post about my unease on Facebook:

Everyone else has broken off, I am on my own. Killing time. In line to get photo taken with Chip & Dale. Feels kinda creepy doing this alone

A bit later, my sister in law Katie replied with this:

That’s because it really is…creepy. =)


L to R it’s Dale, me and Chip.

I didn’t notice this at the time, but the two of them are different! Turns out, Chip (on the right) has a small black nose, meant to resemble a chocolate “chip.” Dale has a larger red nose, and his teeth are separated. Totally did not know this – thank you, Wikipedia!

I convinced the human Disney person (what to call her, their handler?) to take a second photo, using Instagram. I think I like that one better.

Early Morning Anthropomorphism
Interrupting Mr. Squirrel’s Dinner

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