Portugal. The Man: People Say

The past two weeks, I’ve been listening pretty incessantly to Portugal. The Man. In particular, their album The Majestic Majesty (which is basically all acoustic versions of the songs on their album The Satantic Satanist).

It’s one of those things where I had the whole album looping, nonstop, as I was working. It was good music to crank to, not overly fast… but enough to keep me tapping my feet and plowing on through. The odd thing is that… now? Now that the days are slower, I’m finding that I still need to put on the album – almost as though it’s a prerequisite for me to get my head into the work, once more. Weird, isn’t it?

One of these days, I need to do a longer post about how I fixate on songs (and in fewer instances, whole albums), and how that tends to coincide with projects. There are definite albums that I associate with certain periods at my work, and a ton of songs/albums I specifically associate with personal projects.

For kicks, here’s the non-acoustic version of the same track. Since I found the acoustic version first (and got it stuck in my head), this album sounds a little odd to me:

Johnny Rottentail, By Amy Ray
Lee Marvin And Angie Dickinson Perform Minimalist Hand-Clapping Song
Three Music Videos By Michel Gondry

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