Happy 50th Birthday, Rey!

Today was not just Rey’s birthday, but his 50th Birthday! As a surprise, Deb organized a ton of things to pull off a small surprise in the office for him. Her goal was to gather folks in the kitchen at the end of a Mangers Meeting. At the meeting’s close, Rey would walk out and be surprised by the food and folks in wait.

Sadly, it didn’t quite turn out that way… as Rey peeked out briefly, right before the tail end of the meeting. Several of us were at our desks when we heard a handful of people shout out “Happy Birthday,” about 10 minutes ahead of schedule. Shortly after that… we all headed in to the kitchen.

And of course… cuban sandwiches for lunch!

Rey and Justin, digging in.

We all ate in the large conference room, and watched a video featuring birthday wishes from a ton of folks (from all over). Deb got a hold of a ton of folks, and people who couldn’t be with us physically sent along their messages to Rey (we even got a call from our CEO, halfway through).

Rey, sprightly as ever, hitting all the candles in one go.

Remember: the first 50 is just practice. Happy Birthday, Rey!

Happy Birthday, Rey! – 2008
Sushi Cake Surprise – 2007

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