Happy Pi Day!

It’s that time of year again! Today (3/14) marks Pi Day, a holiday commemorating everyone’s favorite mathematical constant: Pi.

Around this time, I tend to see a spike in my traffic as a lot of folks swing by to visit my pi10k project – an old Flash experiment of mine that plays out 10,000 digits of pi, converting it into a musical sequence. It’s funny that I made this thing ages and ages ago, when I was first learning about programming and teaching myself about strings. I’m flattered that it still tends to make the rounds, once a year.

It never fails to amaze me how many others get excited by Pi. Looking back on last year’s post, I was also reminded of the awesome Pi Day Song, created by Mark (a middle school teacher, who used my Flash experiment as a kind of soundtrack).

I went searching for this Pi Pie late last night, but am just now composing this post. Bad move, since all I really want for breakfast now is… pie.

[CC photo via bec. w]

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