Goodbye Dan, Goodbye Al

Last week was a sad one at work, with two folks leaving us within the same week: Al and Dan. I say “sad” from a particular point of view, since both are pursuing newer/interesting opportunities. But it’s still a tough thing to say farewell.

Some folks met up in the kitchen, near the end of the day to say goodbye to Dan. He wasn’t able to head out with us after work, and so we had an informal gathering before he had to catch his train.

L to R it’s Dan and Tim. I was unable to make it out to Dan’s earlier goodbye party, which had been a few days prior at Epic Burger. I was a bit too busy making tons of money while on Jury Duty.

We were originally going to head over to Plymouth, but by the time we arrived… the place was already packed, with a 90 minute wait to get to the patio. We did an audible and found ourselves at the Tilted Kilt. It was the day before St. Patrick’s day, a Friday, and the weather outside was stellar. We found some tables, and counted ourselves lucky.

Saluting Al with a round of shots.

Later in the evening, Meagan successfully navigates her way back to her seat, the fun way.

Sidenote: Meagan has a great singing voice! I learned that prior to her move to Chicago, she had tried out for a local production of Little Shop of Horros and gotten the part of Audrey (which she, unfortunately, couldn’t take due to the move). I got to hear a snippet of “Somewhere That’s Green,” though she sang it really, really quietly in the kitchen.

Al attempts to take on a small plate of nachos, solo. Note the two beers.

More folks, raising their glasses to Al. L to R it’s Rick, Al and Laurence.

There were more folks with us than I was able to photograph. Here’s a view from Laurence’s camera.

Group shot, outside the bar. L to R it’s me, Meagan, Mike, Al, Rick, and Laurence. Several of us parted ways, but I think Al, Laurence Rick ended up heading to another location.

A fun night, hanging out and chatting with good people. To both Dan and Al: good luck to you both!

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  1. I’m so glad I took a moment to get caught up on your blog, I almost forgot you documented this! Thank you so much for the nice comments… And now the tipsy songster has struck again. *sigh* Me + Booze = I make my own karaoke.

    Love all of your photos, as usual.

    Meagan Reply

  2. Hey Felix, thanks for posting these pics! I look at these pics and have many great memories of hanging out with everyone at Emmis Interactive. Really miss all you gals/guys!


    Al Reply

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