Leslie and Chris Visit for Sewing and Video Games (Kinda)

Last week, Leslie and Chris swung by to hang out a bit after work. Leslie was working on some sewing projects, and Chris was going to swing by as well (to play videogames with me).

Leslie and Liz, at the sewing table.

Dueling sewing machines! Note that there are three empty seats… which means we’re not too far away from filling up the room, and starting our own sweatshop.

Chris, unfortunately, had less fun. We were going to play Journey on my PS3… but once we got to downloading the game, the download speeds were horrific. My PS3 is attached to the home network and we stream Netflix just fine… but the game/content download was slow as can be.

While we were waiting, we decided to play a bit of Borderlands. But since I had uninstalled it ages ago, we had to download a patch (more waiting). And once the game was ready, it felt like an age to get through the in-game preloaders.

So for me and Chris, we didn’t really end up playing much. We spent our time waiting for a download that never completed. An hour plus later, we gave up on Journey and just chatted with the girls until they were done.

Ah well. At least my television didn’t spontaneously catch on fire.

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