Friday Challenge: Bouncy Ball the Domo

Our most recent Friday challenge last week involved a bouncy ball, and a little Domo-kun, dressed inexplicably as some kind of luchador.

The challenge: from a set distance, bounce the ball once on the ground, and knock over the domo.

For the record, Chris was able to knock over the domo during his initial tests. But since they happened before actual, regulation play… it didn’t count. :P

Rick, showing off some good form in his attempts.

James, drawing a small crowd as he prepares himself mentally.

Roshan and Satish both opted to make the attempt from a further distance (the white piece of paper is what marks the actual line). Maybe Roshan was channeling his kickball experience.

Kashif, Jane and Chris look on as an attempt barely misses the domo.

I don’t have any photos for proof, but when I finally stepped up to the plate… I missed my first two, but nailed the third. I was able to knock the guy off, and won the Friday Challenge.

Sadly, we hadn’t determined any kind of prize. So I’ll just have to take comfort in the fact that I’m remarkably deadly with a bouncy ball, from about 15 feet away.

Hey, listen – I don’t choose these skills. They choose me.

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