Amazon Prime Instant Video Finally Available on PlayStation 3

Very excited to finally have Amazon Prime Instant Video finally available on my TV (via my PlayStation3).

I forget when, exactly, Amazon appeared on the scene with its Instant Video option… but it was a good long while ago. For those who have a Amazon Prime membership (an annual fee that provides free 2-day shipping on select items, and a reduced 1-day shipping price), the whole Instant Video thing is kind of thrown in as a bonus. If you have Amazon Prime, you have access to the instant videos.

For the longest time, the only way I could watch any movies was on my desktop machine. No iPhone apps, no iPad apps, no actual television. I was debating a Roku player just so I could get access to Amazon’s movies… but lo and behold, earlier tonight I saw a new icon appear when I turned on my PS3.

I haven’t really had a chance to fully explore the library, but it looks pretty good. Hard to say right now whether Amazon’s collection of movies rivals Netflix (Amazon seems to have a pretty wide selection), but it’s looking pretty great. I’m just happy to finally be able to access this library on my television – I’ve peeked in a few times from my computer, but the TV is the place to be.

And now… as soon as I stop doing other project stuff and decide to watch TV, this is gonna be great.

Thanks, Sony, For Letting Me Know My TV Might Spontaneously Catch On Fire
That Is A Very Large Television

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