Holi, Slow Motion

In the years I’ve counted myself a writer, I’ve made a few things I’m proud of. There are a handful of poems I’ve written that I consider good. And there are maybe one or two lines that I think are really good. Possibly good enough to outlast me and my time here.

Writing is such a fragile art form, and feels so temporary and fleeting. I have a few friends who are visual artists – people who create canvases, people who work with paint and wood. I’ve always had a secret jealousy of sculptors, particularly for those who work with stone. I see statues and I think Now there’s something that’ll last.

This video, created by Variable, made me think about time, and how amazing film is. Like writing, film can capture a specific moment and hold it for you to examine. But there’s this interesting permanence to film as well, the act of recording a moment that can be replayed, again and again.

I’ve rewatched this video several times over, and it’s captivating each and every time. I love Holi, and it’s as much about the colors as it is about how happy everyone looks. Watching this video, I imagine all the celebrations that must have come before, in years past.

It’s a short video, but I like how it’s captured these slivers of time.

[via MetaFilter]

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