You Are Listening To

You Are Listening To
is a site that I heard about, many months ago… and remembered yesterday, out of the clear blue. I had it up for a part of the day, and it’s equal parts calming and unsettling.

It’s a mashup project, in the simplest sense of the term: two different forms of media, combined together. One part ambient music, one part police radio. It makes for a very interesting tension, as this calm music accompanies reports of violence, gunshots, robberies. It’s a weird mixture, and causes a very surreal reaction in the listener.

Feels like you’re in a movie, at that moment right before something huge is going to happen… or right after something huge has happened, and the whole world suddenly slows down.

It’s not limited to Chicago, as the site also plugs into the police band from various other cities. Worth checking out for a listen, and even leaving on in the background.

Police Shootout In Los Angeles, 1938
Arguments Against Talking To The Police: Professor James Duane And Officer George Bruch
Police Search Metra Train, Mike Gets A Gun Pointed At Him

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