Cosmic Debris Outdoor Art Installation, Logan Square Comfort Station

Before the end of the work day yesterday, Liz texted me that there was another art installation near the Logan Square Comfort Station. She was the one who had spotted the last one (with a ton of tiny signs littering the ground), so I was curious what I’d see on my way home.

On rounding the corner of the building, I spotted several rocks perched atop thin stalks. From a distance, they looked like a field of flowers… but I didn’t realize they were rocks until I got much closer.

Based on a sign nearby, I found out that it’s an outdoor installation called Cosmic Debris. Created by Sarah Belknap and Joseph Belknap, there’s also an indoor scultpure/photo component that opens up tomorrow (Saturday, May 5th at 3:30 PM).

I liked that there wasn’t a ton of info about the project, and I was just left to encounter it on my own.

I didn’t end up touching any of them, but definitely wondered how heavy each one was. There were several swaying around, given the strong winds that were picking up (due to an incoming storm). From what I could tell, it wasn’t he same rock over and over again… each one seemed to be distinctly different.

It was neat to walk through this small field a bit, getting lost among the rocks and taken out of my normal going-home routine. I’m glad I came by during some strong winds as it was really neat to see everything swaying and bowing, almost like a thing alive.

Tiny Signs, Logan Square
Logan Square Comfort Station

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  1. These guys did a pretty cool project at Ryerson Woods last year using the apples from my orchard. Very nice folks.

    Anthony Reply

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