Before and After I Fell on My Face: Journey to the End of the Night (Chicago, 2012)

This is me before and after my faceplant on Western, where I fell trying to avoid capture while participating in Journey to the End of the Night. These images are kind of an addendum to yesterday’s recap of the game.

Photos are courtesy of Ray Whitehouse, who was doing a ton of documenting throughout the event. He was there at the start, taking profile shots of all the participants near the registration area (that would be the photo on the left). I also ran into him shortly after I failed to elude capture, near Checkpoint 2 outside Holstein Park. I’m holding in my hands the special award that Evan gave me, for effort.

Here’s me with Evan, and the puppet he was using to lure runners into a false sense of security/confusion. I vaguely recall him having some kind of puppet thing, but given all the rain and the darkness… didn’t really see it fully until I saw these photos.

Despite the injuries – i had an awesome time. Looking forward to seeing what Ray captured, both at the starting line and throughout the night… and very much looking forward to the next game.

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