New Giant, Empty Billboard Installed in Logan Square

Last week, I happened to spot a bunch of guys working at the top of the building near the Logan Square Blue Line stop. I wasn’t quite sure what they were up to (there were three guys on the rooftop, working over the ledge), but was able to get close enough to grab this shot.

Turns out, they were installing another large billboard onto the side of the building. Which is weird because, the other billboard space has been blank since January of this year.

You know what? I was starting to make fun of this, but… in hindsight, I kind of like it as-is. It’s weird to see, but these billboards exude a kind of empty pleasantness that grows on you. I’m realizing now that were these billboards to actually contain ads, I’m sure the whole thing would look terrible and feel awfully annoying, and potentially make me feel accosted on my way to work.

For now, I’ll consider it an art installation – a symbol of consumerism’s inability to satiate the very desires it instills. Hopefully, the artists won’t sell out and go corporate, anytime soon.

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