Half-Day Friday, Post-Work Drinks

A nice thing about our workplace is that oftentimes, when we have a big weekend… we’ll end up having a half-day Friday. Our office is officially closed on Monday for memorial day, and we closed the office today at 1:00 PM.

Chris had the great idea to go out and grab some drinks. The weather was excellent, and he rounded up several folks from work to head out for some post-work beer and grub. Our first choice was Hackney’s, but their outdoor seating was pretty full up. We walked down the way to a nearby Bar Louie and snagged a few tables there, instead.

I started off the drink orders, and decided to go with a beer and a shot. I picked Jameson (think of this as pre-season kickball training), and surprisingly… a lot of folks did the same. Jamesons all around.

L to R it’s Jane, Chris R, Chris, Alexandra. Not picture: just outside the shot is Rick (who got a shot of JD), and Laurence.

Closeup of Rick’s glasses (and the buildings across the street).

Rick and Laurence, with a sizable beer.

They had PBR themed glasses, for the PBR on tap. Funny and weird.

A fun, relaxing way to end the week and welcome in the long weekend. It’s always so nice to hang out with coworkers, particularly on a nice summer/Chicago afternoon.

Post-Work Drinks With Coworkers, Plymouth (2009)
Post-Work Drinks, Plymouth Bar (2008)

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