Liz’s DIY Lightbox

Sharing this for the impressive/cool factor: inspired by a few examples she saw online, Liz spent part of her Saturday afternoon going to Home Depot, gathering a few items… and piecing together her very own DIY lightbox.

I won’t go through the step-by-step construction here – I’ll leave that for her to do on her site at a later time.

For now though, our kitchen looks pretty fancy. This weekend, every time I made a sandwich, I was half-tempted to take a photograph of it.

Interesting side note: two friends are featured in these photos. Allison’s fantastic Vertical Cities print is on the wall… and Liz is using a gift from Justin (a mini-tripod) to position the camera.

Vertical Cities: Limited Edition Letterpress Print By Allison
Lost In Translation: Home Depot Edition
Pre-Show Dinner/Reunion

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