Life at Blair: Time-Lapse Video of Montgomery Blair High School (175,000 Photographs Taken Over 7 Months)

Photographic Journey: Life at Blair from Tolu Omokehinde on Vimeo.

At Montgomery Blair High School, Tolu Omokehinde spent over seven months, taking over 175,000 and turning them into a very beautiful time-lapse video. It’s a beautiful goodbye to a rather beautiful looking high school.

One small note: the intro is overly long. The rest of the video is fantastic, but the start could definitely use a little of the old Wadsworth Constant. The images kick in around 0:30.

When I first saw this, I assumed the video was created by a teacher or staff member at the school – and the video was something done between classes, bidding the school and students farewell after working there for four years. On reading closer, I realized Tolu was a student – a Senior no less, in his final year.

To say that this video evokes a kind of nostalgia is an understatement. There’s something about the fast, blurry motion of the hallways that is a little timeless, regardless of what school you’re looking at.

It’s also amazing to me at how much detail is in each frame. Makes sense since everything in here is a photograph, but it was amazing to be able to freeze the video and see such a kind of still life each time. Pretty incredible.

The soundtrack (The Arctic Light by Marika Takeuchi) is spot-on, and helps evoke the slow/speed that you see in the video. The feel of the entire thing reminded me of Optimist (and the use of Zoë Keating’s music).

You can see more of Tolu’s work on Flickr.

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