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The Awesome Foundation
is about one thing: forwarding the interest of awesome in the universe, $1,000 at a time. The foundation awards $1,000 grants each and every month to projects they deem awesome.

But here’s the thing – the foundation itself isn’t one large organization. Rather, it’s a series of smaller, independent chapters spread out across the world. There’s one in Chicago, there’s one starting in Columbus, OH and there are even chapters in Zurich and Rio De Janeiro!

I was fortunate enough to be the recipient of the November 2011 grant, and I cannot say this enough: if you have an idea you’d like to see realized, consider applying for a grant. You don’t need to have a fully formed vision (but it helps), you just need the pitch – take a look at the submission form, and you’ll see what I mean. There are some serious limits on what you can convey about your idea, so the’re looking for broad strokes. And… awesome ideas.

I had the pleasure of meeting a few of the Chicago trustees… and they’re a great bunch of folks. And every month, they have a fresh $1,000 they’re looking to give for someone with an awesome idea. If you’re reading this, you should absolutely apply – you have nothing to lose, and 1,000 things to gain.

I Won A $1,000 Grant From The Awesome Foundation!
Receiving $1,000 From Awesome Foundation Chicago
A Poem From Us

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