Mandatory Fun: Kickball Practice Session

New year, new kickball season… new name. Last year, our company participated in a kickball league under the name Emmis the Menace. This year, we decided to go with the name Mandatory Fun, stemming from an inside joke at work involving some emails that had the phrase “this will be a fun (mandatory) event.”

We have a LOT of folks on the team this year, from the sound of the roster… which is really exciting. AJ had the foresight to call for a practice session prior to our first game, and a bunch of us walked over to Grant Park after work yesterday.

We hit up the set of baseball diamonds, just south of Buckingham Fountain. There were a ton of other teams playing softball, but we were able to spot an unused field way in the back. Not sure if you can see, but Tim is pointing in the direction we headed, towards the Field Museum.

Tim, giving some pointers/tips for kicking, and also going over the ground rules for those that haven’t played before.

Chris, with a gorgeous view of the Chicago skyline behind him. While Tim was talking with some of the newer folks, Chris, AJ, Christine and I ended up tossing the ball around, practicing catches.

At one point, I was chasing down a ball that had gotten over my head… and was trying to catch it over my shoulder. Instead, it popped me in the face, and bounced away. Apparently, I have this newfound skill of hitting things with my face.

When everyone got together, we did several runs of people practicing their kicks… and then split up into two groups, practicing a lot of catching and throwing the ball around. Tim had the section I was in doing several drills, and by the end of it I think we all felt pretty comfortable.

I was sneaking peeks over at the other group, and people were looking good!

“The shadows are getting long.” Wrapping up and heading back home.

A lot of fun hanging out with coworkers, outside the office environment. I love that we have a lot more people on the team, and while I’m sure the games are going to be enjoyable… it’s mostly the hanging out with everyone I’m looking forward to.

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