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Last year, I posted about a really cool film called Float – a documentary about “indoor rubber band powered free-flight duration aeronautics.”

I was really taken with the trailer, and signed up to find out more about the film once it was released. Late last night, I saw an email in my Inbox notifying me that the guys behind the film have a Kickstarter project going, to try to raise funds to finish the film.

In case you missed it the first time, you should check out this out:

For those not familiar with Kickstarter: if the project doesn’t meet its goal, anyone who pledged money isn’t charged anything… and the project itself gets $0. This structure is in place to help keep projects honest, and to ensure they’re reaching towards realistic goals (otherwise, every project would simply ask for $1M and just take what they could get).

They’ve got an ambitious goal: $30,000 with a little under $6,000 pledged at the time of this blog post (with 19 days to go).

I’ll tell you this – I love the idea of Kickstarter, but haven’t really backed a ton of projects to date. Mostly, they’ve been projects started by friends that I wanted to support. But in this case, I wanted to put my money where my mouth is.

I dug this trailer when I saw it over a year ago, and I really, really want to see this film completed. For what it’s worth, this will be the first Kickstarter project I’ve backed where I didn’t know anyone involved.

So. If you like what you see, consider backing the project. Any amount helps, and every dollar gets them closer to their project goal… and closer to a finished film.

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