Lunch with Phil at Perry’s Deli

On Friday, Justin, Ben, Chris and I met up with Phil for a quick lunch. His new office is closer to the Mart, so we decided on Perry’s Deli – an old favorite that many of us hadn’t been to in a long while.

The insides haven’t changed much. Last time I was here was in 2005.

L to R: Phil, Justin, Ben, Chris.

I’m always tempted by Fred McSchnauzer’s Cold Meat Loaf sandwich. I love meatloaf, and the actual act of ordering this would be too funny… but the Hot Pastrami sandwich always, always wins in the end.

This is Chris’ triple decker, though I can’t recall the exact name of it. But as you can see, it’s a hell of a sandwich! Note the small island of lettuce he removed, near the bottom.

Sadly, for our visit… there were a lot of new folks working the counter. This led to the line going incredibly slow, and a few of the sandwich makers not really knowing what they were doing. For mine, I had to guide the lady away from the corned beef towards the pastrami.

Sadly, my sandwich wasn’t hot… and wasn’t the ginormous, overflowing portion I was hoping for – but it was still pretty darn tasty. Mine was a fine, regular sized pastrami sandwich, but just not a Perry’s sized one, if you know what I mean.

Still though – had a fun afternoon out with friends, and got to learn a little more about what Phil’s been up to at his new digs. Walking around the area brought back some fond memories of other places we used to frequent. Could burgers at Monk’s be in our future?

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