Father’s Day in Frankfort

After a pretty eventful morning (I went to go take photos at Warrior Dash, Liz went to the Frankfort Flea)… we met up in Frankfort, to hang out with Julie and Bob for Father’s day.

Liz made a pretty spectacular little cake, complete with a handyman hammer candle. You know how I could tell it was spectacular? At least three or four times while eating the cake, Bob kept muttering about how good it was.

One of the gifts Bob received (a joint gift from Liz and Katie) was a Quik Shade canopy. Which was a pretty big hit.

You know how I could tell it was a big hit? Bob insisted on trying the thing out indoors, right in the kitchen.

I think we’ve found this year’s Christmas card.

Happy Father’s Day, Bob!

Visiting Frankfort For Father’s Day
Liz’s Second Fondant Cake: Father’s Day In Frankfort

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