And Suddenly… There’s Al

For reference: this is a photo of Al, on the evening of his going-away party. He is very shortly about to attack a full plate of nachos.

Yesterday, during a company-wide meeting… I found out from Laurence that I had photographed Al over the weekend, when I was documenting the 2012 Warrior Dash in Channahon, Illinois.

I didn’t believe him at first, and had to go back over my photos. Sure enough, I see him in one of the photos of the final event… half-buried in mud, working his way towards the finish line.

It’s Al! I had no idea he was even participating in this event, as I was there primarily to cheer on Mike, Phil and Charity.

I went digging through all the photos I took, and found a few more of Al (and his girlfriend, I think).

Zooming in…

Given that it was a two-day event, and I was only covering the early waves on Sunday morning… what are the odds that I happened to be in the exact place, at the exact time to capture Al and his girlfriend at the final checkpoint? Craziness!

Small, small world. Er, obstacle course that is.

Al – congratulations for making it through the event! Sorry I didn’t see you at the time, but happy to see you made it through to the finish, mud and all.

Warrior Dash 2012, Illinois: Dollinger Family Farm
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  1. Felix, I can’t believe you accidentally captured me in action!! Look at that face in the last picture… that is a face of “OMG I SWALLOWED THIS CRAP MUD and NOW I AM GONNA THROW UP..BLEAH” kinda of look.. hahahaha

    1 love,


    Al Reply

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