Lake Geneva, Day 1

Lisa and James are back in Chicago for a few days, and originally Jake, Liz and I were going to go out for a weekend of camping. Given the heat and the storms predicted, we ended up heading to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, where we were able to stay at the lakehouse that belongs to Jake’s dad.

Walking down the street from the house to the lake.

There were lots of boats and piers, all along the coastline. In fact, it was the busiest lake I’ve ever really seen – tons of boats and wave runners everywhere.

Something else I learned – not all the docks were public. A few were private and belonged to individual houses, so if a nearby dock was occupied… we had to walk down to another “association” dock, which we had access to.

Jake, working on aligning a chicken onto a beer can. A few moments before this, I think both Lisa and James were trying to help and offer advice. There may have been some alcohol involved.

James, taking over carving duties.

An awesome dinner – in addition to the chicken (which was excellent), we also had some brats, potato salad, grilled onions and corn on the cob.

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