Lake Geneva, Day 2

Though everyone else is used to waking up early, Liz and I ended up sleeping in until around 9:00 AM. We woke to an awesome breakfast, with a crapton of bacon. I mention this because for the remainder of the day, each time we walked back into the house… it smelled distinctly of bacon. I mean this in a good way – it was fantastic.

For much of the weekend, Jake would throw sticks into the water for Tus to fetch. At first, she was hesitant to get in the water… but once she realized it was ok (after Jake tossed her in), she started diving in on her own. According to Jake, this was the first time she had ever jumped into a lake totally on her own – you could tell he was really proud of Tus.

Tus covered a ton of distance – swimming out to get sticks, then swimmming all the way back to shore. Here she is, chilling out in the shallows.

After a while, we figured Tus was pretty tired. But she kept coming back for more: here she is, barking at Jake and wanting to go after another stick.

A little hard to see, but this was a really interesting cloud formation on the horizon – it cut across the sky in almost a straight line. Around this time, we were hearing reports that there was a pretty serious storm, rolling through Chicago.

Most of the day was just this – cooling off in the water, drying off on the dock. We walked into town a bit for some ice cream, and headed back to the lake to cool off.

HUGE thanks to Jake and his family, for letting us stay at their place in Lake Geneva. It was a beautiful home, and floating in the water was the most relaxed I’ve been in a long while. Sitting in the cool of the lake, half submerged, with the sun high above, hanging out with friends: there are worse ways to spend a summer weekend.

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