Bored: Chicago Dice, Logan Square

Walking to work, Liz and I happened across a pair of dice that were clearly made by the same guy(s) that made the large Monopoly cards around here.

For the first time, the “signature” on the piece now seems to refer more to a collective than an individual. Instead of “-bored,” the name listed is “we are bored.” So my hunch here is that it’s a group of people at work. I wonder if we’ll see more work using this new moniker.

Bored has been getting tons of press recently, due in large part to a BoingBoing post, which was based off a Colossal post, which in turn was based off this blog post (where I got a little nod).

Funny to see how this stuff travels across the web. Sometimes it’s super fast, sometimes it takes months. For the record – though I spotted these in May, Ben and Chris were the first to notice the work, way back in April.

Large “Monopoly” Community Chest Cards And Dice, Logan Square
Large “Monopoly” Chance Cards, Logan Square

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