Ballsdurdash: Profanity and Wordy Fun at Ben and Allison’s House

On Saturday, we were invited over to Ben and Allison’s place to hang out, sink some beers, and a little game we like to call Ballsdurdash.

There was a big group of us: Ben and Allison, me and Liz, Chris and Leslie, Matt and Jenn, and Meagan and Michael.

Liz, prepping some desert while Alexis and Leslie hang out in the kitchen.

For those not familiar wtih the game of Ballsdurdash, a quick primer. It’s remarkably similar to the traditional board game Balderdash, but instead of definitions from a set of cards we use Cassell’s Slang Dictionary. Nearly all the entries are offensively vulgar, and it makes for some really hilarious gameplay.

The game goes like this: one person picks a word from the dictionary, and reads it out loud. Everyone then writes down what the think is a plausible definition for the word, while the chooser writes down the actual definition from the dictionary.

Then, once all the definitions are selected, the person who chose the word then reads out all the definitions aloud. A huge part of the fun of this game is in watching the reader try to keep a straight face. If the reader laughs, it’s a tip-off that that particular definition wasn’t the real one.

As you can imagine, since it’s a slang dictionary, the real definitions are sometimes zingers. Add in several drinks, and as the night progresses… things just get more vulgar and way more funny.

I didn’t capture a lot of gameplay, but here’s a sample word: Do the Zippy.

The possible definitions that were submitted were:

01) My pubic hairs are caught in my zipper. Excuse me, I need to “do the zippy.”
02) To have anal sex.
03) To get high by inhaling Butane fumes.
04) To caress the anus.
05) To put the pee-pee in the puss-puss.
06) Masturbating quickly in the bathroom at the workplace.
07) A dance-step that involves rotating in place, repeatedly.
08) To administer a hand-job under the table, at a wedding.
09) To do a dance move involving moving your knees, in and out.
10) Go-Kart racing.
11) A man, releasing his very large, engorged penis from the confines of a tight-fitting pair of jeans.
12) When one or more criminals hold up a restuarant, by going up to the drive-through window.

One of those definitions is the actual, correct one. Can you guess which one it is? Answer will be in the comments, below.

Scoring works as follows:

+1 point if you guess the correct definition.
+1 point if someone else guesses your fake definition.
+3 points to the person who chose the word, if no one picks the correct definition.

Because we had so many people playing, each round took a super long time (about 5+ minutes to read through all the definintions, followed by a second, quick read-through).

To handle the prizes, anyone who got 3 or more points got their name entered in the grand prize drawing. And I think each 3 point person got to pull a random name out of a hat. Lots of people = lots of party prizes.

This is Chris, looking over one of the many fantastic gifts from the famous prize bag. I think this was some kind of origami set?

L to R it’s Ben, Matt, Jenn, Chris and Allison.

I forget the actual name of this thing, so I’m just going to call it a water sprayer. Won by Justin S, who was trying to test it out with Ben.

It was too dark for me to capture, but there was an attempt to hit Ben in the face with this thing, at a distance. It failed, and ended up just producing a fine mist.

Justin S, going for a refill. I think with a slower motion, he was able to kick out some water a decent distance.

Matt, showing off a smaller version of the water sprayer – which, when used sans water sounded a lot like a slide whistle.

Oh, and Matt? When I was referencing Deee-Lite, I was talking about this song.

Liz won a pair of glasses that are, quite literally, money.

Alexis, thinking about a definition while Justin S looks uber-creepy in the background. His prize/mask reminded me of the final scene from the movie Brazil.

It’s the grand prize!

Which Leslie won! I think she also had the highest score for the entire evening, out of everyone.

I wish I could capture the spirit of this game better, but you’ll have to take my word for it – there are some seriously vulgar things kicked around, and there are some serious laughs. I always end up laughing/crying whenever we play this game, and it’s always such a fun time.

Ballsdurdash, 2011
Game Night At Allison’s: Ballsdurdash (2009)

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  1. It was a BLAST!

    Ben Reply

  2. Alexis and I had a ton of fun as well! Good write up, immediately I was thinking about how you could play this game using an app or twitter because I didn’t want it to end :)

    JustinSid Reply

    • What was that sweet score-keeping app you were using? I vaguely remember us looking at this thing, or possibly a prototype of it, ages ago.

      avoision Reply

  3. Don’t leave us hanging! My guess is #6…

    Jane Reply

  4. The correct answer is #4, “to caress the anus.”

    avoision Reply

    • Not yet! I’ve seen mentions of the game, and Matt/Jenn brought along a set they had printed out… but we didn’t get a chance to play. Looks like a lot of fun though!

      avoision Reply

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