Happy 4th Birthday, Audrey!

On Sunday, Liz and I trekked down to Frankfort to hang out with Tricia and the kids (who are in town for a week, visiting from Georgia).

Shortly after we arrived, the girls got changed into their bathing suits and a mini-pool was filled up in the backyard. Despite the warm weather, the water from the hose was pretty icy cold. Despite several pitchers of hot water from the kitchen, it was still a pretty icy in there.

Undaunted, the girls took turns diving in and splashing about.

Sebastian, chillaxing in a chair with this kind of grumpy, old man look. I feel like he’s thinking I do not approve of this frivolity. No, not one bit.

Paige and Audrey, sharing a blanket in the sun and getting warm.

Audrey, putting on a hat and getting festive.

The birthday girl, sitting in front of her cupcakes.

For dinner, we were joined by Uncle David, Aunt Beth, Brandon, Lauren and her boyfriend, Dave. Afterwards, everyone joined in to sing Happy Birthday.

Of the many gifts she received, I think the one she was most excited by was the Disney Princess Band-Aids. She immediately opened one up, and put it on her chin.

In her defense, she did have a small boo-boo there. But the funny part of it is that for the rest of the night, it made her look like she had on a football helmet, with a chin-strap tucked under her chin.

Another big gift – a princess castle. L to R it’s Lauren, Dave, Audrey, Tricia, Brandon (and Paige in the background). It took several people, but they were able to get the thing built from the ground up. To the Amish, who are so smug with the barn raisings: eat your heart out!

Audrey, bouncing on a ball wearing a dress that Liz made as her birthday gift.

Sebastian, getting a tentative ride on the bouncy ball courtesy of Aunt Liz.

Hard to believe it’s been four years since we first met her. Seems like a blink of the eye.

Happy Birthday, Audrey!

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