Logan Square Yarn Bomb

Mid-week, Liz came across a flyer announcing a yarn bomb of Logan Square on Saturday, July 14th. She tried working on something to contribute, but didn’t have enough time to get very far. Still though – we were both pretty interested to see what the participants would be up to, and swung by the meeting area after our breakfast at Lula Cafe.

For those not familiar with the term, yarn bombing is a kind of street art, and involves covering public objects with custom knitted/crocheted fabrics. One of the better known examples of yarn bombing is by NY artist Olek, who covered the bull on Wall Street with yarn.

A little after 10AM, we found a small group of people already hard at work, wrapping nearby trees and signposts.

Adding a little color to a nearby tree and parking meter.

It was cool how some people picked out a certain spot, and just started to work.

Across the way, a woman works on decorating a bike rack.

Decorating old parking meters.

A group of women brighten up a nearby trash can.

A very colorful ring. We were just around at the very start of the event, so I’m not sure if this got added to.

Multiple folks, working on multiple trees.

While I was taking photos, I happened to hear someone mention my name. I looked up and got to meet Lynn – someone I recognized, but don’t think I’ve officially met in person until today.

I hung out with her and Liz briefly. Liz was helping show Lynn how to “cast off” her piece.

Fixing the top.

This was pretty cool – one of the pieces had a small pocket, which contained some helpful info for people who might be interested learning more.

Getting down to it.

While talking with Lynn, I happened to meet Jean – who was carrying with her a very large travel suitcase. She had made a really large segment of yarn, and was going to hang it on the fence near the Logan Blue Line stop. I ended up tagging along, interested to see how large of a piece she had.

I was able to get to the top of the fence, and helped Jean affix her piece to the corner. Next thing I knew, I was helping hang the whole thing… walking a few steps, then looping a segment around the fence top.

Fully stretched.

Another woman came by, and asked if I could help hang up some segments next to Jean’s piece.

Tree and parking meter, complete!

A fun part of watching people at work was seeing the reactions of passers-by. Prior to this, the small girl had run up to a tree and was feeling the yarn.

Finishing off the top of the parking meter.

Illini colors for the street post.

A woman covers a bike rack, near the Logan Blue Line stop.

While Liz and I were standing around watching, we happened to run into Erin (who I’m pretty sure is associated with the local Logan Square Knitting group).

Across the street, two more bike racks covered. I believe the one in the foreground is Erin’s handiwork.

Working on covering more bike racks…

By far, I think this was my favorite piece that I saw.


More photos from the event are here and here.

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