Here, I Got You A Little Something

Last night, after dinner… I was feeling pretty listless, low-energy. I didn’t have a lot of motivation to do much and, truth be told, was feeling a little down. A little depressed.

I was doing a bit of an inventory – looking back on the things I’ve done, the projects I’m planning to do but haven’t done yet. “Sad” is too strong a word, and “bummed” a little too light of one. Somewhere in between. “Malaise,” maybe.

When I mentioned this to Liz, she stood up and said I’ve got something for you. I wasn’t sure what it was, but she went into the office, came back, and handed me this:

I started laughing immediately.

What she handed me was a small booklet entitled Is Life Worth Living?– which contained the text of a debate between anthropologist Frederick Starr and lawyer Clarence Darrow (whose name you might recognize from the Scopes Monkey Trial).

Seeing this booklet reminded me of a famous quotation from Albert Camus:

There is but one truly serious philosophical problem, and that is suicide.

Apparently Liz has a whole slew of booklets like this one, which she got when I dropped her off at the I-80 flea, shortly before I went to document the 2012 Illinois Warrior Dash. And she’s now just biding her time until the next “right moment” comes along, to give me another one. I can’t wait.

I haven’t had a chance to read over this thing just yet, but when I do finally get around to it… I’ll make a follow-up post here, to let you all know whether life is worth living. I could try to hurry and get it finished by tomorrow, but…


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