Kinetic Rain: Art Installation Featuring 1,216 Individually Controlled Raindrops

Built by Berlin studio ART+COM, the Kinetic Rain sculpture at Changi Airport Singapore is composed of 1,216 individual rain droplets. Each one dangles by a thin, steel rope and is controlled by a computer and individual motor.

The video is much, much too short and absolutely breathtaking. I saw this for the first time about a week ago, and I came close to getting actual tears in my eyes watching it. The sculpture itself is gorgeous, and both the symmetry and movements just blow me away.

For those super old school Flash people out there, this is like seeing Jared Tarbell’s early Flash experiments come to life.

I love the way that technology is powering and influencing the physical world, here. This kind of art is really exciting to me, and very inspiring.

If that first video wasn’t enough, here’s a little more behind-the-scenes:

[via Colossal]

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