Mysterious Sidewalk Stencil, Logan Square

Spotted this stencil on my way home, yesterday. It was one of two identical stencils, somewhat near one another.

I honestly have no idea what this is. Maybe it’s an ad for something, but my first reaction was that it was a kind of pictogram puzzle. My brain keeps wanting to apply some kind of narrative or logic to this image, but all I’ve come up with so far is “steam haircut.”

Yeah, I know. But… if you’ve got a better idea, I’m all ears.

Anyone else seen these around Logan Square, or anywhere else in Chicago?

// Edit: Here it is reversed, in case I was looking at the thing upside-down.

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  1. I think its because the hair salon Barbara and Barbara that’s next to Dunlay’s moved.

    Andrea Reply

    • Interesting. I had no idea they had moved! I guess I don’t walk around that side all that often.

      Makes sense, given their signage. Though it still seems a little puzzling.

      avoision Reply

  2. I was going to say the same thing about Barbara and Barbara.

    rachelle Reply

  3. There are a slew of them. Wish i had time to follow them.

    susette Reply

    • Pretty certain it’s for Barbar and Barbara, and leads from their old location to their newer one.

      avoision Reply

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