The West Wing: Now Available via Amazon Instant Video

I found out from a post by Rachelle that the West Wing is officially on Amazon Instant Video!

This means that anyone who’s subscribed to Amazon Prime can watch all seven seasons, free! And… I’m also saying that if you haven’t seen it… you should totally watch the show.

Politics aside, it’s great writing. I’m a huge fan of Aaron Sorkin’s style, and this show has some incredibly great comedic moments. Here’s a taste:

I’ve Finished the First Season of The West Wing

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  1. I’m on about the 7th episode so far! I just wish my DVD player that I stream through had a better interface for Amazon. Otherwise, so far so good!

    rachelle Reply

    • We use the PS3 for streaming (both Netflix and Amazon). Funny how we use it more for that than I use it for games, anymore.

      Glad you’re enjoying the series so far! I feel like it drops off towards the 6th/7th seasons, but just consistently awesome up until then. Liz and I are currently watching Studio 60 (also on Amazon), which only lasted a season… but fun to hear Sorkin’s “voice” again, after West Wing.

      avoision Reply

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