Mandatory Fun: Game 5

It was a pretty hot day outside, for our fifth game. There was some speculation whether the game would actually happen, given the heat… but I remembered an even hotter day from last year – and if we played that time, I figured we’d play today.

Luckily for all of us, our game was later in the evening… so we hopped over to Union Park and had some dinner/drinks, prior to our game.

Some pre-game shenanigans L to R it’s Utopia, Justin, Alexandra and Meagan – sporting some custom “Mandatory Fun” accessories. Photo courtesy of Nisha.

Folks milling about, gearing up for our first inning at bat.

Mike, about to step up to the plate for our first kick.

I want to say we did well in our game, but we got worked. We got worked pretty badly.

Our opponents were the tuxedo-clad team called Yuuuup. When we met last year, they beat us pretty soundly then as well.

We did a pretty ok job getting to the ball, but if the ball ended up touching the ground… we had a hard time getting it back, in-field. There were several good plays where we contained the action, but in a lot of cases… a solid kick from the other team resulted in 2-3 runs being scored, before we could get the ball back into play.

I didn’t play well at all, and didn’t catch anything the entire game. I had a bad play where I was supposed to be covering first but had moved too far out. On a soft bunt, Chris grabbed the ball and was racing the runner to 1st. Had I been there on the base, it would have been an easy out… but I was to far out, and the runner too far ahead for Chris to catch.

There wa one super crazy pop fly that came my way, which I ended up mis-judging and missing. It was one of those classic, movie-like moments where the guy just booted the crap out of the thing… and the ball flew what seemed like 3 stories straight up in the air.

For me to catch it, all I had to do was move about 3 feet in the proper direction. But when ended up happening was I went too far left, and the ball landed to my right about 2 feet. Would have preferred to at least made contact with the thing, but I just misjudged it.

Chantel had a solid catch for us, midway through the game. And I’m positive that our defense was primarily made up of Mike and Chris R, who caught a ton of deep kicks into the outfield. The other team had a good number of power kickers, and definitely sent the ball way out there.

On offense, we got a few folks on base and ultimately scored a small handful of runs. Happy to have gotten at least some numbers up on the board. Notably, Chris R got a nice homer in the early innings.

I forget when, exactly, the mercy rule kicked in… but kick in it did. Final score was something like 14-3. Which, compared to last year, seems like an improvement.

Overall, I think we’re right smack in the middle of things with our track record. Two wins, two losses, and one tie.

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