My Boss is an Asshole

Yesterday morning, Ben was walking around the Product Development team, handing out these mugs to me, Chris and Justin. I forget exactly what prompted this, but I remember Ben making a joke about how he should get these mugs for everyone. A few days ago, apparently… Ben turned a whim into a reality.

Funny thing is – for those of you who know Ben, he’s a kind, gentle and loving man with the soul of an artist. And he’s someone who occasionally gets a friend a coffee mug that can’t be used properly, because it has a broken handle.

To his defense, he did write me a kind note on the bottom. But at the end of the day, he could have given the broken ass mug to Justin or Chris… but he decided to give it to me, instead.


PS: I still maintain that a true asshole boss would have charged us money for the mugs.

PPS: Looking forward to the new visitors who will be finding this blog via Google, thanks to the title of this post.

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  1. It was a difficult choice, but i’m glad I picked you for the broken mug – it made for a better blog post, i think!

    Ben Reply

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