Goodbye, Rick

Sad to report that Rick is leaving Emmis Interactive to pursue another gig. His last day was on Friday, and a group of us got together and went out to lunch at the Bergoff.

I had my camera with me, but… lately, I haven’t felt moved to photograph the going-away events. I like having the record of the event, but it felt weird to me at the time. There never seemed an opportune moment to get up from the table, and walk back to try to get a group shot… so I opted to stay at the table.

Instead, I have a few other photos of Rick that seem appropriate to share here (both of which feature him with his sunglasses).

This is Rick, going head-to-head with Tim in our ” target=”_blank”>Rock, Paper, Scissor tournament from last year.

Rick with Laurence, kicking back with some drinks after a half-day at work.

Here’s something you might not know: Rick is involved with a really cool event called Atomic Sketch: a monthly event where artists get together at the Green Eye, and spend the night creating original works from 6-10PM. Each piece is priced (usually for $10-20) and available for sale, right there on the spot.

Whenever these events take place, I see a magical litany of photographs from Rick’s instagram account (username: brokerobot). Chris and I talked about attending last week, but I had to go home to pack for a trip to Atlanta the next day.

Very much on my to-do list is to attend one of these events, drink, hang out, and check out all these artists at work. Given the images Rick’s posted, I’m looking forward to it.

So though it’s goodbye for now, I’m sure our paths will cross again. Gotta mark the next Atomic Sketch event for my calendar, in August…

RPS Tournament: Sunglasses And Skype
Half-Day Friday, Post-Work Drinks

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