Pool Day in Atlanta: Swimming Lessons and First Jumps

One of the things we did a lot of, while in Atlanta, was spend time in the pool. Oftentimes in the past, we’ve visited mostly during Christmastime (and not really swimming weather).

With the sun out and the weather as nice as it was… any chance we had to go in the pool, I was there.

Everyone in! L to R it’s Paige, Jackson, Kirt, Isabelle, Tricia, Sebastian, Liz and Audrey.

Me, sporting some awesome tan lines from our trip down the Chattahoochee. Just in case you were wondering… I was wearing sandals.

Here’s something pretty awesome and worth mentioning – we were witness to one of the first times where Sebastian was jumping into the pool all on his own.

Audrey isn’t quite tall enough to stand up in the shallow end, and so she’s been a little skittish in the pool. But while we were all there, she started to really enjoy running and jumping in. Sebastian must have picked up on this excitement because after a while, he too decided to do the same thing… and would run towards the pool from a distance, and jump in all on his own.

Watching them both was really fun, and really awesome. I was smiling and laughing the whole time I was taking photos.

And get this! After a while, Sebastian took off the innertube he was wearing! He just threw it to the side, and seemed to say I no longer have any use for this. Tricia was really surprised by this, as Sebastian then proceeded to jump in to the pool without any kind of floatation device – just freestyled it. So. Awesome.

Audrey, looking on as Sebastian jumps towards Liz.

The starting point, apparently, was around the bush near the garage door.

Post-jump and all smiles.

Moments before jumping in.

Kirt, helping to cool down the divers before they started their runs.

Audrey, getting a cool down spray.

Unlike Sebastian (who would run and dive in, in one motion), Audrey would run up… pause at the edge, and then jump in. All the momentum she got from running stopped, and she’d spend a few seconds psyching herself up before jumping.

Hearing how timid she was in the water before this, it felt great to see her excited to be in the water. I got to catch her for several jumps, and we spent a lot of time swimming around the pool together. By the end of the day, I was able to get her to dive from a ledge near the deep end, pushing off and floating just for a little bit. I was really proud of her, as I could see she was pushing herself and trying new things she was a little scared to try.

Audrey, mid-leap. Looking at this, you’d never think she was a little timid in the water.

Kirt got some really great photos and videos with his Go-Pro camera. I shot a little bit with my camera outside the pool, and then decided to mirror what he was doing by venturing into the shallow end with my camera. Here are a few jumps – mostly from Sebastian, and one from Audrey:

Warm In Atlanta, Cold In Chicago

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  1. Thanks, Felix. I laughed and laughed at the video and smiled at the photos. I have yet to enjoy the pool at Kirt and Anne’s myself. Looks like great fun was had by all! I love Roswell, GA!

    Jennifer McGann Reply

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