This is How We Use Phone Books

Last week, I noticed there were several phone books lined up outside our front door. As we were heading to work, Liz turned to me and said “Don’t forget to bring one upstairs, when you get home.”

At first, I was taken aback. Why would we need a phone book? It’s not like we ever use them. Maybe she wanted me to bring one upstairs so that we could help eliminate the mess at our doorstep? So we could recycle it?

I took me a few seconds, but then I remembered: we don’t use phone books.

Our bunny rabbits do. As glorified chew toys.

Quincy, a little annoyed that my flash is interrupting his late afternoon snack.

Looking at these photos, I’m happy to report that Quincy has been steadily gaining weight. And then some.

I Look Forward to the Demise of Yellowbook, and All Printed Telephone Directories
Quincy Grabs Some Light Reading
Trying to Weigh Quincy the Rabbit
Weighing Quincy the Rabbit, Again

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