Cookout at Jake’s

Spent a most of Saturday hanging out at Jake’s place, over in Rogers Park. I got the time wrong (thought it started at 12:00, but he was expecting folks at 2:00 PM)… so we showed up a little early. We arrived thinking we were fashionably late at 1:30 PM, but turns out we were by far the first ones there.

So instead… Liz and I got to hang out, drink a few beers, and wait for the guests to arrive.

Jake, prepping a few chickens on the grill.

On the back porch, we got to hang out for a while with Tus… who’s just doing her thing.

I didn’t take many photos, as there were a lot of new people I was meeting for the first time. So I opted to talk to folks, instead of hiding behind a camera the whole time.

On an unfortunate note – by the time we got home, around 7PM… I had a splitting headache. I got a little red at the beginning of the afternoon (due to the Asian Fluash), but that kind of died out. What remained though, was a headache that kind of just lingered.

By the time we left, it was still around and bad enough that I asked Liz to drive us home. After walking from the car to the apartment (and up the stairs), my headache blew up into this kind of killer migraine thing. I ended up taking Advil, crawling into bed, and pulling the covers over my head for an hour or so. It was so bad, there were moments were I could barely talk or take a step towards the bedroom.

Thankfully, it died down after an hour or so… but it was pretty terrible. So far, an isolated instance. I’m just glad things haven’t gotten as bad as they used to.

Lake Geneva, Day 1

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  1. Captions & images are swapped. Which turns out to be kind of funny, especially with image 1/caption 2.

    juliet Reply

    • Ha! Thanks for the quick catch, Juliet!

      avoision Reply

  2. P.S. Ugh, migraines.

    juliet Reply

    • I honestly don’t think I’ve experienced a true migraine, but whatever the hell this was… it was debilitating. I wasn’t overly sensitive to noise or light, but covering my eyes/head did seem to help somewhat.

      If folks have something like this on a regular/unexpected basis… I can’t even imagine what that must be like.

      avoision Reply

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