Manny’s Deli

The other day, Mike, Matt, Chris, Justin S and I headed over to Manny’s Deli for lunch.

Here’s a funny thing about keeping a daily blog for years and years: sometimes, you can pinpoint the exact date when you were last at a restaurant. In terms of going to Manny’s, the last time I was here was November 6th, 2003 – a little under nine years ago.

On walking in, you’re greeted with an enormous menu of things to eat. To top it off, an older menu listing all the items runs behind the counter – kind of parallel to the food line. From the moment you arrive, you get overcome by all the food options.

I definitely felt like a tourist, taking photos while in line for food.

Despite all the things I could order, there was only one thing I wanted: a pastrami sandwich. When Mike mentioned Manny’s again, that was my first thought – a testament to how good the sandwich is, that I remembered it from 9 years ago.

The guy making the sandwiches was a funny guy – talking shit a bit to customers, but always doing so with a sideways smile and a glint in his eyes. He had an incredibly fluid motion to his actions, as he put a sandwich together – flipping the plate in the air, cutting the sandwich in two. I kind of wanted to ask permission to video record him, but that felt a little too awkward. The guy had flair, though.

Brief view of the interior. For some reason, I remembered the entire floor being one large room (as opposed to the food area being partitioned off from the seating area).

The boys, settling down to lunch. Funny thing – at our table, I wasn’t the only one taking photos of my lunch food, as a few others had their cellphones out. I used to feel like a complete freak when I did this years ago, and it’s become much more commomplace now.

Pastrami sandwich on rye, with two pickles and a potato pancake. Try not to lick the screen.

Sadly, as much as I enjoyed eating the sandwich… it didn’t sit so well with me, afterwards. I felt a little rough on our ride back to work, as I think my body simply isn’t used to processing this much meat at once. Towards the end of the afternoon, though it pains me to write this… it felt like I had a 1/2 lb. locket of sodium, hanging off my heart.

Despite all this – looking once more at this delicious sandwich, I want to go back. I can hear my trainer shouting at me in the distance, and the better part of my brain says returning to Manny’s can only be an occasional thing… despite me wanting to make it a weekly one.

Work Meeting Becomes Lunch Meeting

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