Hey Bored!

Walking to work this morning, Liz and I spotted a sign taped onto the Bored dice just outside New Wave Coffee.

I love that the interviewer decided to use this avenue of communication to try to contact the artist/group. I guess he could also have tried to pick up the phone.

This reminded me a bit about the random flyers I saw in Wicker Park, many years ago, when a girl named Janeen was looking for a boy named Jason. I even made my own set of flyers to see if I could get some kind of closure. So far… no luck.

With all the Bored art popping up around the area, I’m guessing the artist(s) live in the neighborhood. Still… I may try to send the group an email, alerting them about the note. There’s no email address listed on their website, but maybe they have a catchall account set up. We’ll see.

Silly me – I didn’t take a photo of the contact info. But opening the note felt a little intrusive. The note wasn’t intended for me, even though the artwork was.

Pick Up The Phone: Bored Street Art Installation, Logan Square
Large “Monopoly” Property: Logan Boulevard, Not For Sale
Bored: Chicago Dice, Logan Square
Large “Monopoly” Community Chest Cards And Dice, Logan Square
Large “Monopoly” Chance Cards, Logan Square

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