Frankfort Fall Festival, 2012

Today, Liz and I headed down to Frankfort to catch the final day of Fall Fest, and to hang out with her Aunt Kathy, Julie and Bob, as well as Katie’s family (who were making the trek in from Indiana).

A quick shot of the food court. Though it was pretty hot out, this area seemed hotter due to the food and mass of people.

I love the sign in the background, as it just seems like such a total mix to me: corn dogs, shaved ice and egg rolls. God bless America.

In line to get a smoothie, we also had several options of chocolate-covered things. Bannanas and strawberries I understand, but choclate covered cheesecake on a stick? I’m a huge fan of cheesecake, but these things didn’t even look real, and reminded me of doorstops.

Given the temperatures, I’m not sure how everything here wasn’t a big puddle of melted chocolate.

We all camped out in some shade, in Breidert Green Park, ate some food, and listened to some music.

Frankfort Grainery.

After a quick lunch, everyone parted ways. The girls went shopping, Dan and Cameron headed to the Midway for rides… and Bob and I headed over to the music store. There, I tried out a few acoustic guitars, and then we made our way over to Frankfort Bowl to escape the heat and to sink a beer.

While we were there, we got a call from Julie asking us to meet her and Savannah at the Midway. We headed over there to take over, and wandered around watching Savannah try out several of the rides.

Fun slide! Which looks much less daunting when I think back to the massive slide my sister and Jasmine went down, on our family trip to Michigan.

Savannah, on a balloon ride.

Spinning around…

I like this rather serious look she’s got.

Savannah on a motorcycle ride (with Julie and Bob in the background).

A few more years, and I can see her wanting her own scooter.

Ping pong toss (where getting a ping pong ball in a bowl wins you a goldfish). Savannah really wanted one, and Bob and I were both secretly hoping she didn’t win one.

Bob, giving some last minute tips.

Savannah throws. Unfortunately, none of her tosses got in. She was pretty upset at not getting a goldfish, and we had to quickly move to some other rides to try to cheer her up.

Car ride – which would have been more pleasant had there not been an annoying kid, honking his car’s horn incessantly the entire time.

Savannah, sitting on her own on the “Safari Rescue” ride. Honestly, I though this ride might be a bit much for her as it went up pretty high in the air… but she was totally unphased. I could see some kids, halfway through the ride, crying and wanting to get off, but Savannah had no problems at all. I was pretty impressed.

Bob, looking way up.

At a few points, Savannah had her arms up in the air – just like people do on a roller coaster ride. It was pretty funny.

Even high up in the air, she was peeking out over the side. Each time she saw us, she seemed pretty amused at us normal folks on the ground.

Bob and Savannah, walking through Fall Fest.

Near the center of downtown Frankfort, we spotted the information booth Bob built.

Hard to believe that Bob and Julie put the booth together over four years ago.

Sadly, this year we didn’t get down to catch the neighborhood waterballoon fight (which took place a few days ago, after the parade). One of these years, I’m going to try to get there early and interview some of the participants. Maybe even get some photographs and video from the front lines.

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  1. We talked to that same chocolate-dipping vendor when they were at Edge Fest — their display models are plastic and they keep the real stuff in coolers.

    Fuzzy Gerdes Reply

    • Ah, of course! Don’t know why I didn’t realize this at the time. Perhaps the heat was causing my brain to melt.

      avoision Reply

  2. I would eat the hell out of the chocolate covered cheesecake on a stick, not gonna lie.

    Mellzah Reply

    • Looking back, I see this was a missed opportunity.

      avoision Reply

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