Bunny IQ Treat Ball

Yesterday, Liz got a bunny IQ treat ball for our rabbits, Baxter and Quincy.

In the bottom of the ball, you place a bunch of treats. There’s a middle partition that has an adjustable opening (kind of like a “difficulty” setting), and then a final opening on the outer covering. With the toy positioned correctly, treats should fall out.

Liz, adding in some treats. You may notice a small set of ears, to her right. The moment Quincy got a whiff of what was happening, he started circling her like a shark.

We were a bit wary, as Quincy has a history of grabbing things off the table.

Once we placed it on the ground, Quincy was the one who, quite literaly, took the ball and ran with it.

For a while there, Quincy tried to crack the thing open like a giant nut.

Baxter, for her part, mostly just chilled out and relaxed in the center of the room.

The funny thing is that Quincy, for all his rolling, mostly missed all the treats when they fell out. Baxter more or less got a majority of them, as Quincy was too busy and focused on the ball rolling.

After trotting around the room, Quincy takes a well-deserved rest on the hallway rug.

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