The Great LEGO Ball Contraption

Some of the best moments are at the start of this video, but the entire thing is well worth watching. YouTube user akiyuky has built an amazing and amazingly awesome contraption here, entirely out of Lego Mindstorm modules.

At first I wanted to call this a Rube Goldberg device, but it actually serves no real function… other than to transport the balls from one location to another, in a large loop.

What’s incredible to me is that there never seems to be an area where the balls are backed up. There was maybe one spot where I could see that a few balls got stuck, but other than that – no traffic jams, and things just seemed to move along at a consistent clip.

Total course is 31 meters long, and took about 600 hours to complete. akiyuky’s blog has more details (if you know Japanese).

[via BoingBoing]

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