Scaffold Workers, Downtown Chicago

Yesterday morning, as I was sitting down at my desk in the morning… I noticed two guys, slowly lowering themselves on a scaffold across the way. The office where I work is on the 7th floor, and I pretty much got a straight-on view of these two guys.

At first, I thought they were washing the windows, but it soon became clear to me that they were after something else. I saw the guy on the left kind of “grab” a bar along a window… and then slightly angle the entire scaffold so his partner could reach the edge of a nearby column.

My palms got a little sweaty, just watching them work.

Particularly when the guy on the right would lean over a bit. Yikes!

At the end of the day, I think they just did some minor touch-up and repair. I saw a bit of dust due to some kind of sanding or sawing, but it looks now like they just added some kind of caulk to the column. Instead of a straight line, I can spot two diverging cracks.

Window Washers, 2011
What’s That Knocking Sound?
Window Washer, 2006 (Merchandise Mart)

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