Starbucks: You Are Beautiful

Randomly, I happened to go to the Starbucks at Jackson/Wabash, and spotted a server there who was wearing a You Are Beautiful sticker. I was pretty excited to see this, and asked to take her photo.

I could tell she was a little confused and hesitant (kind of a weird request, after all)… but she agreed to pose, and asked a coworker to join her.

Other people were in line, so I didn’t have much of a chance to chat. But I wanted to let her know that I’ve been a fan of this project for almost 10 years now.

What a fun way to start the morning. I always get such a smile, whenever I see the stickers appear… it’s still a surprising and pleasing experience, every time.

You Are Beautiful, First Sighting (2002)
You Are Beautiful Show: Current/Proposed Works, 2003
You Are Beautiful: Sightings
You Are Beautiful: 1/Quarterly, 2004
You Are I Am: Ideotech
You Are I Am: Flash/Photography Project

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