The Mystery of the Self-Balancing Unicycle

Last week, I spotted a guy zipping down the sidewalk on what looked to be a unicycle. But the thing about it was that he wasn’t pedalling or moving his feet. It looked as though he was simply in a seated position, balanced above a black disc… gliding. It was weird.

And it was fast, too! I spotted the guy as I walked out the front door of our office, with Justin right behind me. When I mentioned the guy to Justin, the guy on the disc was already long gone. And even had I thought to try to run after him to ask to take a photo, I doubt I could have caught him. Very strange.

Did a little digging this weekend, and found out that what I saw was actually a Self-Balancing Unicycle. Pretty sure that’s a spot-on match.

The price tag is a bit steep (as of this writing, they’re $1,795), but definitely lower than a Segway ($6,000). Mechanics and comfort aside, the guy riding it downtown definitely turned heads, and I bet he gets asked questions all the time.

I’d be really curious to try out one of these guys, to see how well they handle and whether I’d fall flat on my back or face (as I am want to do). Might just have to track down a dealer, or write the company to see if I could arrange some kind of test drive.

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  1. Love this SBU! My boss let me take it on vacation last year.. think I’ll get one for Xmas!

    Riz Reply

  2. I ran into the inventor and another employee of the company at the airport in Las Vegas. We were all flying back to Portland, where the company is also based. These things are so cool, so small (they were able to bring them on the plane as carryon’s) and much more affordable then a segway as you said. I talked to them a while and they explained a bit about how they work. I was very impressed with these gentlemen and their product.

    Arletta Quadro Reply

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