Rabbits and Brussels Sprouts

Over the weekend, we picked up a stalk of brussles sprouts at the Logan Square Farmers Market. It’s one of our favorite veggies, and sometimes seeing them on the stalk just makes it hard to resist.

After taking most of the sprouts off, Liz was curious what would happen if we dropped the entire stalk itself into the sunroom.

Usually, when the rabbits are given a treat (broccoli, carrots, etc)… they usually grab it and run away (in different directions). It’s as though they both want to have some “alone” time with their food, as they typically pick a spot under a chair or someplace hidden from view.

Sadly, there were no attempts by them to lug the thing away. Both Baxter and Quincy just happily chomped away at the thing like it was a giant Twinkie.

Looking over older blog posts, it’s surprising to me how often I mention brussels sprouts on here. If our family had a coat of arms, I’m guessing we need to add that veggie somewhere on the crest.

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