American Dumpster

This patriotic dumpster is located near Logan and California, where a multi-building fire took place in early September.

Interesting sidenote: the building where the fire started belongs to our landlord, Paddy. And back when Liz and I were looking to move to a new apartment… we were shown an apartment in that building. We determined it was a little too small for us, and so we ended up lucking out into an awesome place just up the boulevard.

I’ve seen this dumpster out here for some time now. Typically, we pass by it on our morning runs – and each time, I kept thinking how I should really take a photo. But I never have my camera with me, and we’re always trying to keep in motion.

So this morning, I walked down to the intersection and grabbed this shot. Logan Square and Logan Boulevard are actually quite scenic at this time of year – with so many trees shifting into fall and shedding their leaves. It felt nice to be outside, walking in the sunshine and crisp fall air, in the middle of the day in the middle of the workweek. A little surreal, but nice nonetheless.

I find it interesting that people would still go about tagging something, despite the representation of the American flag. But in some ways, I guess that’s what it’s all about.

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