Tus is Missing: Please Help!

Jake’s dog Tus went missing yesterday, while they were out in the south side of Chicago at Sherman Park, near 55th and Racine. He’s offering a $2,000 reward for her safe return – and anything you can do to help spread the word would be greatly appreciated.

Tus is a mutt with white fur, weighs approximately 30 lbs. and his white fur and pointy ears (looks like a fox). She was last wearing a black collar.

Tus is the most awesome dog in the world, and needless to say Jake is absolutely devastated right now. We’re currently calling shelters, posting to FB and Everyblock, Jake’s out canvassing the area and putting up flyers. Anything you can do – sharing this info, forwarding along her photo, anything at all would be a huge help.

No details just yet, but we just got word that Jake and Jessie were able to locate Tus, and they’re all re-united. HUGE sigh of relief from us here, and I can only imagine what Jake must be going through right now.

Thanks to everyone who helped spread the word, and for all the well-wishes. Here’s a little celebratory video of Tus having a fun time playing on the boulevard:

I’m finding myself dramatically sighing now, every 2 minutes. Was really worried, but just incredibly happy that Tus was found ok… and is now back home where she belongs.

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